Preliminary Project Tramway Tampere

The industry using hydro power of two major lakes’ level difference shapes the centre of Finland’s third largest City. Trafficked roads direct to expanded residential areas surrounded by forests. A network of many bus lines hardly to comprehend covers the City area. It is used mainly by persons they are dependent on as well as for commuting.

Main objective of the project is the increase of the share of public transport. To achieve this, the focus of the planning is on the perception by the customer. The accessibility to use the service, the coverage of areas and institutions, the perceived advancement and the location’s convenience are the assigning elements for implementation. The service design is oriented to enable the demanding spontaneous use.

With the new tram public transport marks presence in the City and provides the capacity on the main corridor. The tram routing is oriented to the integration to the network. Including intuitive comprehensible bus lines a distinct service fit in to the urban life.

City of Tampere (Finland)
Rail infrastructure;Public transport;Rail systems / Traffic Management Systems (TMS)