Mobility and traffic

Transport planning

Conception, planning and inspection of settlement-structural, structural, operational, organisational, price and tariff-political as well as informal measures for the targeted influence of location changes.

From the initial idea to commissioning, we provide transport planning support for your projects throughout all planning steps. We determine key values within the context of variant and feasibility analyses, cost estimates and assessments. These are based on recognised, adapted or newly developed methodological approaches. We thereby produce the necessary basis by means of surveys (measurements, censuses, inquiries, etc.).

Our services:

  • Traffic surveys/Traffic data: Measurements, censuses, inquiries for all modes of transportation by means of an optimal acquisition method
  • System dimensioning/planning/inspection: Conception, planning and inspection of geometries, performance capabilities, dimensions, drivability and safety
  • Foot and bicycle traffic: Conception and planning in accordance with current and prospective requirements
  • Mobility strategies/Traffic concepts: Strategies and concepts are the basis for specific measures. Respective measurement (bundles) can be conceptualised from these.