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630 Employees
60 Apprentices
94 Million CHF annual turnover

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Our services

Consulting and fiduciary services

  • Fiduciary construction services, client representation and support
  • Site supervision
  • Studies, expertise, strategic planning, project development
  • Condition analysis, due diligence
  • Competitions, submissions, processes, communication

Planning and management

  • General planning
  • General management, project management
  • Planning, specialist planning
  • Cost, deadline and quality management
  • Construction supervision, construction management, construction logistics
  • Measuring condition, monitoring
  • Controlling and optimisation
  • Hydraulics
  • Earthquake protection
  • Tenant improvements
  • Community engineering
  • Safety and rescue concepts, risk analyses, RAMS, Emergency plans, Infrastructure safety (RSA, RSI, RIA, BSM, NSB, EUM)
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Building economics

  • Cost planning, cost optimisation, life-cycle costs
  • Cost management
Rail infrastructure

The canton Aargau participates in this new railway station project by acquiring unit No. 4 (2nd upper floor). . This unit has 3,446 m2 of service space, the interior of which was completed in a modern design providing office space for 176 workstations. This project was realized by our partner office for building economy www.bfbag.ch .



Office, services, education, research

The ZHB location on the 1st upper floor of the UNI/PHZ building connects the thus far decentralized university libraries of ZHB with the research library of PHZ to create a large research library in the centre of Lucerne. Among the media offered are particularly science journals, reference books, source collections, introductory and basic literature, and research literature. This project was realized by our partner office for building economy, www.bfbag.ch,


Environmental sustainability

As part of the legistative noise reduction measures by FinöV noise protection walls will be put in place at the railway section between Thun and Bern.
The project includes noise protection measures in the 7 communities Rubigen, Münsingen, Wichtrach, Kiesen, Uttigen, Uetendorf and Thun.
Along the railway track, in stations, across streets as well as at and on facilities noise protection of different material will be applied and built.


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