Structural engineering

Fire protection

We offer comprehensive planning and advice to building owners and architects across all SIA phases and all quality assurance levels. Our expertise in fire protection extends to both building construction projects and infrastructure facilities.

By making targeted use of synergies with other specialist areas of our company, we develop sustainable, technically and economically optimised concepts that fulfil the wishes of the building owner and the official requirements. The close cooperation of our fire protection and safety experts also promotes performance and risk-based fire protection so as to offer our customers the best possible advice.

Fire protection planning

  • Inventory surveys including condition and risk analyses for the initial assessment of properties
  • Fire protection concepts oriented to the building and protection target in quality assurance levels 1-4
  • Fire protection and escape route plans
  • Explosion protection concepts
  • Smoke extraction and evacuation concepts
  • Establishing basic principles for fire control including fire control matrix

Quality assurance in fire protection

  • Fire protection quality assurance concept
  • Fire protection quality assurance (QSS1-4) across all phases in accordance with Sia 112
  • Fire safety on the construction site
  • Organisation and implementation of integral fire control tests
  • Declaration of conformity for fire protection
  • Expert inspections and reports

Fire protection in the company

  • Emergency and safety concepts
  • Building control book and specifications
  • Evacuation concepts and evacuation exercises
  • Escape and rescue route plans, fire brigade deployment plans
  • Fire protection consultancy advice for tenant fit-outs
  • Occupational safety, health and safety concepts (SiGeKo)
  • Storage and handling of hazardous substances
  • Training and instruction

Verification procedures in fire protection

  • Verification of structural safety for the fire design situation (hot design) in conventional and timber construction
  • Heat input into components and structures according to temperature time curves
  • Fire risk analysis / assessment and explosion risk analysis for risk-based fire protection certificates
  • Heat and pressure calculations

With our partners, we also cover numerical fire simulations as well as escape and pedestrian flow simulations for ASET-RSET verifications.