Mobility and traffic

Public transport

Public means of transportation provide an essential contribution to increased quality of life and secure mobility for the overall population due to their enormous capacity and finely woven network. We support our customers in the further development of public transportation with our well-founded knowledge and many years of experience gained from numerous planning efforts. We focus on prospective developments and technological trends and integrate these insights into our consultation. We develop sustainable solutions that provide a significant added value for our customers.

We offer the following services:

  • Market analyses: Customer surveys, illustrations and modelling of demand streams
  • Service quality monitoring: Punctuality, regularity, connection, capacity
  • Development of spatial utilisation: Line management, station distribution, transfer points
  • Optimisation of time utilisation: Operating intervals, operating times, connections
  • Infrastructure concepts: Physical/Electronic bus lanes, operational simulation, station standards, design of multi-modal mobility platforms
  • Evaluation of operating equipment: Fleet strategy, vehicle dimensions and equipment, environmentally friendly forms of propulsion
  • Smart mobility and smart city: Resource-efficient transport systems, automation, traffic flow control
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