Construction and engineering surveying

We perform inventory control, create basic plans and deliver data in desired formats for construction project planning. We ensure that planned constructions are erected at the right location by staking out points and batter boards. We check the positioning and height of deformations for existing and newly constructed buildings by means of measurement monitoring.

Our services specifically include:

  • Creation of fixed point networks
  • Situational and terrain recordings
  • Digital terrain models
  • Altitude curve plans
  • Volume calculations
  • Batter board and single point staking
  • Construction inspections
  • Laser scanning
  • Mobile laser scanning
  • Tunnel surveying
  • Railway surveying
  • Monitoring measurement
  • Permanent monitoring measurement (geomonitoring)
  • Evidence conservation (crack protocols, crack width measurement)
Emch+Berger WSB AG

Emmenbrücke, Cham, Kriens, Sarnen