Advancing development of settlement areas and increasing traffic lead to conflicts of usage and interest for the construction and operation of systems.

We offer a comprehensive service portfolio in the area of safety and risk management based on our professional competence and experience. We utilise synergies with other specialist fields within our company and are thereby able to develop prospective total solutions, which creates added value for you.

Safety concepts, risk analyses
We create safety concepts and risk analyses that offer systematic assessments of occurrence probabilities and damage potential for a possible incident, which provides an important decision basis for the planning and implementation of projects.

RAMS studies
Implementation of the RAMS lifecycle ensures that project requirements are defined according to safety and availability, risk and availability analyses are executed and requirements are verifiably fulfilled. Hazard and reliability rates are determined, safety verifications created and validations performed.

Emergency concepts
Emergency concepts make rapid and effective reactions possible (flight/intervention) for involved persons. For this purpose, we create alarm and rescue concepts, escape route concepts, concepts for incident management and crisis intervention as well as simulations for escape and evacuation procedures.

Hazard Incident Ordinance
The Hazard Incident Ordinance protects the population and environment from severe injury or damage. We provide prevention assistance and analyse incidents that may occur while operating systems with considerable – chemical or biological – hazard potential.

Risk screening
Screening procedures are applied for the verification of requirements for rail and road networks in order to ensure that the population and environment are not exposed to excessive risks. We perform risk screening for environmental and personal risks for railways and roads in accordance with officially approved methods.

Tunnel safety
We provide detailed hazard analyses and also analyse potential protection measure and their cost-benefit effect as well as the planning of rescue and flight conditions in underground rail and road traffic systems.

Fire protection
We accompany your project from the preliminary study to completion and handover. This includes the drafting of fire protection concepts, fire protection consultation, status analyses with measure catalogue, construction accompaniments for all quality assurance levels, support structure measurement in case of fire as well as evacuation simulations

Evacuation simulations
The assessment of the safety of facilities with public traffic (e.g. railway stations such as Bern or Lucerne or stadiums, halls) can usually no longer be calculated «simply» (manually and statically) due to the complexity. In such cases, simulations help to assess the situation. Combined with corresponding information from smoke simulations, the safety verification can be carried out quantitatively and qualitatively. We accompany the entire verification process and create corresponding evacuation simulations.