Energy and environment


Services for Infrastructure
We consult private and public developers and investors in the field of renewable energy. With economic, innovative solutions focussing on the future we make the most of the existing energy potential. Thanks to our experience in projects involving harnessing energy from the wind, water, the sun and biomass, as well as local and district heating networks, we offer comprehensive support from the development and planning right through to the implementation. With due diligence checks, we evaluate existing or planned production plants professionally and independently. Our tools allow economic modelling throughout the whole lifespan of the power plants and indicate measures to increase efficiency or for further improvements.

Services for Real Estate
As integrated consultants or representatives of the builder, we will implement technical and economic controlling tasks in new constructions and modernisation projects.
We will develop innovative concepts for you for the optimal technical fittings for the building based on economic, energy and environmental criteria.
After the building’s completion, we will support you with optimising operations and processes as well as with improving energy and cost efficiency.
For this, it is important to observe existing regulations and laws as well as to select the appropriate certification system (eg. Minergie, LEED).
We make use of state-of-the-art tools and resources. We are very familiar with Building Information Modelling (BIM) and digital construction.

Of course we are happy to offer you combined teams, who will work in an integrated way on complex tasks with issues from both areas (infrastructure and real estate).


Services for Infrastructure
Constructions are part of an intense interaction with nature and the environment. Our experts and specialists deal with sustainable protection against natural dangers, for constructions and their users. At the same time, we are working on projects to protect nature from harmful intervention. Our construction engineers, geographers, landscape architects, biologists as well as environmental and forest engineers have a very broadly-based specialist knowledge and accompany projects from the first idea right through to the implementation.

Services for Real Estate
As integrated consultants or representatives, we will support and advise you, for example in the areas of environmental sustainability and designing solutions based on ecological principles. Specifically:

  • We will support you in defining the requirements for building in an environmentally sound manner and to find the appropriate technological solutions.
  • We will ensure that you meet your sustainability targets.
  • We will support you in the certification of real estate, eg. in accordance with Minergie, SNBS, LEED or DGNB. We will support you, both in choosing the suitable system as well as in implementing it.
  • We will compile analyses and reports on subjects such as energy and media consumption or CO2 emissions.

We are also happy to offer you combined teams, who will work in an integrated way on complex tasks with issues from both areas (infrastructure and real estate).

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