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EXPO.02 Strategic and operational Transport Concept

The swiss national exhibition took place in the year 2002 from may to october. Especially the cities of Biel, Neuenburg, Yverdon and Murten with their exhibition places and installations had to deal with peaks of about 180’00 vistors per day. In total more than 10.5 million visitors took the chance to visit the exhibition sites.

Emch+Berger did the overall transport concept and used state of the art modelling and simulation tools to estimate the traffic impacts of the calculated daily transport demand. The results were used to plan measures and optimize traffic during the exhibition time and to develop an effective transport management. The measures were developed with respect to increase the public transport share and avoid motorized individual trips. As a result the modal split of the EXPO.02 visitors was 65%;30% (public transport; motorized individual travel).

Switzerland National Exhibition


EXPO.02 authority

Fields of activity
Regional development & urban planning
Delivered services

transport demand modelling

traffic simulation

transport concept

transport management

development of special measures, recommendations


visitors: >10.5 Mio

overall budget EXPO.02: 1.45 Mia CHF

max. visitors /day: 180’000

modal split: 65% public 30% individual