Geomatician job description

Geoinformation is an important resource in the 21st century. It is only possible to carry out decisions reliably and assess their consequences with a more precise understanding of the area, its condition, use and development.

Geoinformation is an essential foundation to depict and analyse legal, technical, social, spatial planning, environmental and economic circumstances in spatially limited areas.
For this purpose, it is necessary to gather, process, and present and release the geoinformation or the relevant data. Only qualified specialists can carry out these tasks efficiently and to a high-enough standard. This is why geomaticians are trained together in companies and through external courses.

Further training opportunities
Various offers from professional associations,  colleges of higher vocational education and universities of applied sciences.

For example:

  • BP (qualifying examination) Civil Engineering Construction Foreman
  • Technician specialising in Geology Technology
  • Higher Vocational Qualification (HPF) Diploma Civil Engineering Site Manager
  • College of Higher Vocational Education (FH) Bachelor of Science FH in Construction Engineering
  • University of Applied Sciences (FH) Bachelor of Science FH in Construction Engineering
  • Swiss-certified Geomatician

(Source: BIZ Job Information)


Completed elementary school, usually secondary school level


  • Good spatial imagination
  • Abstract logical thinking
  • Intellectual flexibility, understanding for complex relationships
  • Precise and careful method of working
  • Perseverance and good concentration skills
  • A talent for organisation
  • Team player
  • Interested in mathematical and scientific principles and connections
  • Interested in computer science

An folgenden Standorten bieten wir Lehrstellen Geomatiker/-in an:

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