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Noise barrier (Sound protection walls) SBB

As part of the legistative noise reduction measures by FinöV noise protection walls will be put in place at the railway section between Thun and Bern.
The project includes noise protection measures in the 7 communities Rubigen, Münsingen, Wichtrach, Kiesen, Uttigen, Uetendorf and Thun.
Along the railway track, in stations, across streets as well as at and on facilities noise protection of different material will be applied and built.

The works are carried out on one of the most important North-East railway lines and are therfore to be done without impact on rail operation by making use of private land.
The prevailing conditions demand high planning skills, rational fit for purpose construction and intensive co-ordination and information management of all parties involved.

Muri - Thun


SBB Infrastruktur, Projektmanagement Olten

Fields of activity
Environmental sustainability
Delivered services

Co-ordination of works

Design, Engineering

Submission specification

Realisation planning

Site management

Works scheduling


Lenght of section: 13 km

Nr of noise abatement walls: appr. 70

Project cost: 13 Mio. CHF

Communities: 7