Preliminary Design of Centralised Traffic Control System and operational rules

The Danish rail infrastructure manager BDK is carrying out a full replacement of all signalling equipment, control and Business IT systems. Two contracts involving control systems have been let, one to Thales for Centralised Traffic Control (CTC) West and Passenger Information and one to Alstom for CTC East, Advanced Dispatching and Planning functions. Emch+Berger played the leading role in the RAEP consortium supporting BDK in ensuring this portion of both contracts satisfies the expectations of BDK.

The specific challenges include:

  • The convergence of both systems with an entirely new set of Operational Rules
  • The introduction of additional levels of automation including shunting and possessions management using a Hand Held Terminal and automated management of restrictions (e.g. dangerous cargo).
  • The design of hardware for each control room which allows to access all applications required for Traffic Control.
  • The support oft he Customer in preparing the business changes to make best use of the emerging Technology.
Banedanmark (DK, Copenhagen)
Rail infrastructure;Rail systems / Traffic Management Systems (TMS)