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HWO New Student Housing, ETH Zurich

This housing complex, which consists of three buildings, will be construction by the Stiftung für Studentisches Wohnen of Foundation for Student Housing in cooperation with ETH Zurich. The foundation is in charge of two buildings, ETH for one of the buildings, which are co-financed with funds from private foundations. The buildings should be finished and ready for occupancy by autumn of 2015. This is not only the first housing complex, which will be located directly on the campus; with its planned 485 rooms and 8 studios in 63 shared apartments, it is also the largest student housing complex in the city.


Project number
Fields of activity
Real estate;Integrated design & management
Delivered services
sole contact for the client
control of all planner overall project phases time management construction site logistics
cost and quality management
tender management contract and risk management
communication and information management
project planning, construction project application for building permits
GC submission - work agreement negotiations
quality assurance, execution
monitoring of the acceptance process
Floor space: approx. 16,500 m²: CHF 75 Mio.