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UBS AG Branch Format

Over the next years, UBS AG intends to re-standardize and optimize the UBS network of branches in Switzerland. Its goal is to create a unified look of all branches with a design concept and therefore, achieve distinct brand awareness. The network of branches of UBS Switzerland is divided into 10 clusters. The renovation of these branch offices will be carried out in 8 phases. In total, UBS AG will renovate and unify approx. 380 branches in Switzerland.

Thoughout Switzerland
UBS AG, CREAS South West / Europe
Project number
Fields of activity
Real estate;Construction fiduciary & project management
Delivered services
client representation in planning and control
requirements to steer all planner throughout all project phases
monitoring and management of the entire pro-ject
steering and coordination of QA of the client’s team
project change and claim management
work agreements/GC’s negotiations (5 pcs )
total cost controlling
reporting on risk, quality, costs, deadlines
formulation of the acceptance process and de-ficiency rectification
support in procurement/monitoring of execution