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Rehabilitation of the OTIF head office, Bern

OTIF is an important international organisation with its headquarters in Berne. This organisation uses simple and effective legal instruments to promote, improve and facilitate international rail transport. The formally modest office building at Gryphenhübeliweg 30 in Berne has been well maintained in recent decades, but has hardly been repaired since it was built in 1965. Therefore, a comprehensive renovation, taking into account ecological aspects, is urgently needed today. The property is listed in the building inventory of the city of Bern as "worthy of preservation". This classification is largely due to the fact that the interiors have significant wall decorations worthy of protection, including a mural by Hans Erni.
Special attention is to be paid to the access road, the entrance area and the foyer with the conference room, as external persons such as diplomats and representatives regularly visit the building. Among other things, the addition of at least four new interpreting rooms in the conference hall should be examined. Furthermore, it must be clarified whether the terrace above the 3rd floor can be better used or even extended, this taking into account the building and planning law requirements. The users and the owner of the building are not seeking to increase the office space.

OTIF, Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail
ca. 6 Mio. CHF
OTIF, Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail
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