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Renovation Seetalbahn, Level Crossing Ballwil Nord

In the course of the programme to increase the safety of the Seetalbahn, level crossings had to be equipped with new systems. The new signalling system comprises a control system with half-barriers and operates as traffic flow based single node station. SBB train operation has priorisation in regard to traffic control.

Renovation of level crossing in the Ballwil Nord area to increase traffic safety. Traffic node has been equipped with a new signalling system consisting of half-barriers, turning flash lights, tram signals and data transmission for remote control from a control centre. Optimisation of barrier down times to increase acceptance of road users.




Canton Lucerne

Fields of activity
Rail infrastructure;Rail systems / traffic management systems (TMS)
Delivered services

Construction project

Bid comparison

Participation and recommendations in awarding of contacts

Realisation project

Management of the execution of construction works


Management of tests, approvals and acceptance


Control system: 1

Turn-signal flash lights: 7

Tram signals: 2

Interface to rail interlocking system

Remote control: 1

Rail contacts: 3

Acoustic signals: 5

Cabling and Earthing