Mobility and traffic

Safety / RAMS

The growing complexity of transport is reflected in a variety of factors such as the increase in traffic density, the diversity of road users, increasing connectivity and technological innovations. Increasing mobility, flexibility and intermodality lead to complex traffic patterns.

Overcoming these challenges requires a holistic approach that includes innovation, infrastructure improvements, awareness raising and compliance with safety standards. We develop solutions for complex mobility issues through safety and RAM analyses tailored specifically to your project.

RAMS studies

  • RAM and safety planning of the RAMS life cycle in accordance with EN 50126, EN 50129, etc. to ensure CENELEC compliant development
  • Risk and availability analyses
  • Project requirements to fulfil safety and availability objectives
  • Verification and validation

RAM and safety certificates

  • Defining RAM and safety assessment criteria
  • RAM verifications
  • Generic and application-specific safety certificates
  • Failure Mode, Effects and Criticality Analysis (FMECA)
  • Hazard analysis and logging (Hazard Log Management)

Approval and operating licences

Safety of transport systems

  • Qualitative and quantitative risk analyses (QRA)
  • Safety and rescue concepts
  • Operational risk analyses
  • Proof of safety in the event of deviations from regulations
  • Safety and fire protection concepts for road and rail vehicles
  • Risk analyses for the transport and handling of hazardous goods
  • Expert reports and inspections
  • Safety of transport infrastructure
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