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Railway Connection Voronezh - New International Airport

The consultancy services provided for MostGeoCenter Ltd dealt with the proposal of different variants of Light Railway Systems connections, a global study of exploitation settings, as well as a comparison with European models. The next step consisted in a more detailed investigation of a preferred scenario with focus on cost, revenues and time schedules, as a preparation to preliminary design. In parallel a cost-earning-analysis as basis for a PPP-realization has been done.




MostGeoCenter Ltd.

Rail infrastructure;Rail systems / traffic management systems (TMS)
Erbrachte Leistungen

Proposal on transport system and organisation

Definition of different scenarios

Model assessment

Global cost estimation (LCC-basis)

Revenue estimation / phase

Assessment and development of a PPP approach

Proposal on project schedule

Elaboration on traffic planning during construction phases

Charakteristische Angaben

Train interval: 10 min. (peak hours)

Passengers: 450 / train

Speed: 25 km/h