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Büttenberg Tunnel

The 1.5 km long twin-tube Büttenberg tunnel forms part of the new motorway bypass of the city of Biel in Switzerland. It provides increased traffic capacity, reduces travelling times on the motorway and greatly reduces traffic and congestions within the city of Biel.

The tunnels were built using a tunnel boring machine with an earth pressure shield. A particularity and special technical challenge was the fact that the tunnels cross a major railway line, used by 300 trains per day, with a vertical distance of only a few metres.

Motorway Bypass A5 Biel
Public Works Authority of the Canton of Berne
Fields of activity
Infrastructure;Road engineering;Underground construction / geotechnics
Delivered services
General project management
Planning through all project phases from concept to realisation
Tender process, bid evaluation and award of contract
Execution planning
Construction logistics and material management
Site management
Length: 2 x 1.5 km
Cross-section: 120 m2
Tunnel control centres: 2