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ETCS Level 2 Denmark, Concept Timetable 2020

The implementation of ETCS level 2 on the entire network of Denmark takes place in parallel with a substantial increase of traffic during the ten year’s migration period. The Design Basis Traffic project alignes the total renewal of signalling equipment and the future track slot demand towards effective allocation of network capacity and capability. The elaborated concept timetable for 2020 provides the basis for a step by step service offer enhancement in the next years.

Many service improvement concepts are planned for the future on the Danish rail network. The Concept Timetable 2020 integrates the proposed train runs to a system focused on high connectivity throughout the entire network. The high service availability allows the customer even spontaneous trips, the most sensitive type of use. The Signalling Programme can fulfil a great part of additional capacity requirements by targeted allocation of signalling equipment for short headways.


Banedanmark (DK, Copenhagen)

Fields of activity
Infrastructure;Rail infrastructure;Mobility and traffic;Rail systems / traffic management systems (TMS)
Delivered services

Gather future concepts

Evaluate future pinch points

Set up detailed timetable for 2020

Benchmark trip time and interval

Define required headways

Define requirements toward TMS

Define infra extension modules


IC trains 2008: 6/h

IC trains 2020: 28/h

Minimal headway: 90 s

Maximum speed: 200 km/h

Trip time reduction: up to 1 h

Intervals on main line: 15 min

Capacity utilisation: 85 %