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Gotthard Base Tunnel, Logistics for the installation of railway technology

The Gotthard Base Tunnel is the longest railway tunnel on earth. It is composed of two tunnels of 57 km length each. Within this mandate, detailed planning of the entire logistics for the installation of the railway technology was done.
Optimized processes and schedules had to be developed. The installation of the railway technology is carried out from two main and three smaller installation sites. These sites are equipped with a complex and highly efficient infrastructure to allow the railway technology installation process, which is unique in terms of scale and complexity, to be carried out according to very high quality requirements and a tight schedule.

AlpTransit Gotthard AG
Fields of activity
Infrastructure;Underground construction / geotechnics;Rail infrastructure;Real estate;Construction fiduciary & project management;Construction management
Delivered services
Construction project, incl. cost estimations
Tender process, bid evaluation and award of contract
Assessment of the execution planning
Project quality management (PQM) for the entire project
Planning and tendering of construction site safety
Supervision of the execution incl. PQM (pending)
Length of the tunnel: 57 km
5 installation sites of a total size of: 1.3 km2
Temporary railway for logistics: 125 km
Total logistics volume: about 800'000 tons
Cost of logistics services: about CHF 280 Mio.