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Moutier Tunnel

The 1.2 km long twin tube Moutier Tunnel forms part of the A16 motorway, called Transjurane. This motorway connects the city of Biel to the French motorway network, crossing the mountainous Jura area. The tunnel crosses a geologically complex region with high tectonic stresses.

The tunnelling was mostly done using conventional mechanical machinery, i.e. rock splitters and hydraulic hammers. Safe support to the tunnel lining is provided by steel beams and sprayed concrete. In particularly difficult zones, tube shields were used and the cross-section had in some areas to be divided into 7 sub-sections for excavation.

Highway A16, Transjurane
Public Works Authority of the Canton of Berne
Fields of activity
Infrastructure;Road engineering;Underground construction / geotechnics
Delivered services
Preliminary study
Building project
Tender process
Execution planning
Construction supervision
Length: 2 x 1.2 km
Cross-section: 107-149 m2
Building costs: 300 Mio. CHF